Xuan Ji Ci Ch. 34-36

I’m back with some Xuan Ji chapters~ We’ve catch up with Xuan Ji releases and will be releasing it weekly a few days after the raw is available. (Remember to check out recruitment too!) Enjoy, Xuan Ji 34-36 Advertisements

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Xuan Ji Ci ch.29.1-31

Here is another release of Xuan Ji Ci There is an extra side story about the authors and the troubles they have to go through to make a living, it’s very sad really so be sure to check it out and if possible please support the authors by buying the original and giving tips. I’m […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 28.1 (extra) & 29

And another release of Xuan Ji Ci! As you can see from this chapter, we could no longer find the non-strip version of this series so from now on it will be a strip comic. Also to note is the chapter numbering for this series (and all other series in the future). Almost all manhua […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 27 & 28

Hello~ After a long while we finally have Xuan Ji Ci! The reason for the delay of this series is because– We already caught up to the latest chapter when we released our last chapter– The series turned to strip comic after ch.26 so we were looking for other possible raws for it! I saw […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 24-26

Hello everyone~ It’s been a while since our last release! This time we have 3 chapters of Xuan Ji ci. The RAWS for these chapters were obtained with great difficulty by FMA The Gramps. The raws are super high quality and the images this time were HUGE!! LIKE 3000 Pixels huge! (our normal spread pages […]

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Birthday Release 3

Another batch of our birthday release!! Isn’t this exciting? (☆^☆) While I’ve been busy lately with school and stuff, I read all the chapters of Shen Yi I had missed earlier~and oh boy they sure are the perfect couple. Anyways, Happy Birhday to SLS again! Shen Yi Di Nv (23-26) Xuan Ji Ci (21-23) Feng […]

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