Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.11

And another release! Yaye!! I realize that it’s been a while since we last made a release from this series. That’s mainly because our main cleaner for this series had to take a break due to PC breakdown. But thank fully we now have a new editor who helped us out with this chapter, Hoal. […]

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Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.10

Hello everyone~ Today we have a chapter of Tian Xing Yi Shi! This chapter was a fight scene chapter so the amount of work our redrawer did on it is just awesome! (hats off to you Laura) I guess that’s all I have to say for now XD P.S The next release will be a […]

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Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.9

Yaye!!! Here it is the first release of Tian Xing Yi Shi!! The translations for up to chapter 18 are provided by HEOBOS so this chapter will be considered a joint with HEOBOS! Thanks to our Cleaner/Redrawer Lauriinjsh we were able to get such a nicely redrawn chapter! It is a difficult project but non the less […]

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