With a slowly dying Chrome…I hereby release these three chapters! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! ^_^ Got any cool gifts?? Any good food to share? If so, I’d be glad to take them. For free of course heehee… Anyways, winter break has been nice, a lot of extra studying…but also binge-watching anime! I miss this feeling T^T, […]

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Shen Yi Di Nv 28-29

Here is chapter 28-29 Things really take a very amusing turn in these chapters, as usual Yuheng really knows how to turn the tables XD Also a little advertisement, we will be holding training sessions for people who want to join and have free time but have no experience so if you are interested you […]

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Hey guys! I’m back with a new chapter of Shen Yi after quite a while. This time she’s got some tricks up her sleeve (literally). We’ll try to release more chapters of this series soon so be on the lookout! Enjoy~ Shen Yi 27 P.S. Check out recruitment as always – Cleaners are needed urgently!  

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Birthday Release 3

Another batch of our birthday release!! Isn’t this exciting? (☆^☆) While I’ve been busy lately with school and stuff, I read all the chapters of Shen Yi I had missed earlier~and oh boy they sure are the perfect couple. Anyways, Happy Birhday to SLS again! Shen Yi Di Nv (23-26) Xuan Ji Ci (21-23) Feng […]

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Shen Yi Di Nü Ch.18-22

Hello everyone!! I’m back from my trip, followed by one week of staying sick and doing the things I left undone before leaving :3 (my guilty pleasure) Now on to the release! I really enjoyed quality checking these chapters 😍😍 I laughed so hard at some of these instances 😂 And we have some name changes starting […]

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