Journey to Past Ch.110

Another release yaye! Also a bit of recruitment! We are in dire need of cleansers and quality checkers so please apply if you can or spread the word~ For cleaners you can apply with any of your past work references or you can take our test. Rookies are most welcome~For quality checkers you need to […]

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Hey guys! I’m back with a new chapter of Shen Yi after quite a while. This time she’s got some tricks up her sleeve (literally). We’ll try to release more chapters of this series soon so be on the lookout! Enjoy~ Shen Yi 27 P.S. Check out recruitment as always – Cleaners are needed urgently!  

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Finally an update with, of course, more drama. XD We get to see the evil nephew’s plan against Xiaowan which gets pretty intense towards the end. Hello! I’m Arisu and I’ll be helping out with quality checking and releasing chapters~ Hope you enjoy reading! P.S. Check out our recruitment page; we need more cleaners 😉 […]

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Feng Qi Cang Lan Ch.33

Hi everyone~ Time to start another weekend of releases 😀 I’m happy that now we have a bit of a steady release schedule however, we still need to increase our release chapters! For that we need more staff so please apply as all posts (except translators) are open right now! Also on a side not […]

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Shen Yi Di Nv Ch.12

Hi everyone~ We are back again this week with a new release!!! (and some interesting news 😉 ) We will be going Weekly with this series!! Our Quality checker Kynyssael has vowed to make sure that a weekly chapter is produced of this series XD With that out of the way there is one more […]

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Journey of Flower 11 & 12

Hi everyone Well I think I promised journey to past chapter but becasue of internet issue that chapter is not QCed Yet But non the less we have something else to enjoy 😀 For this chapter I want to especially thank our redrawer Lauriinjsh! T^T Thank you Laur for listening to my such short notice request even […]

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