Hello everyone~ I’ll keep it short and simple (ok not really but please bare with it) I’m leaving SLS. In the coming year I won’t have time for scanlation. Right now I’m too focused on SLS to the point of ignoring most of the things around me like my studies and sleep and it’s getting […]

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Comments and Such

I was just on Discord today, chatting with my friends and listening to music, when Silverdust told me about the comments… I was so sad ;-; to hear that some fans were on our posts, talking about how Timeless Leaf was miles ahead… But in all seriousness, we are well aware of this ^-^;;. Our […]

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Internet Trouble…

Hi everyone, I’m writing this post from my mobile so do excuse any typos. As you read from the title my internet  is out. Its been like that since last Wednesday and my service provider keeps saying it will be fixed tomorrow but I doubt it! I’ll make a proper release for this week once […]

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SLS will be taking a break!

SLS will be taking break till the end of March Now don’t worry, we will continue to work on releases behind the scenes so that we can make a come back There are a few reasons for going on a break As I’ve mentioned before most of our admins are really busy with studies or […]

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Happy New Year 2018

Hi guys! Happy new year!!! I’m sorry but there is no release this time even though I planned for one but I’m not feeling well so I can’t quality check it right now T^T For now I can give you this cute new year pic to enjoy (the next release will be from this 😉 […]

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Hello Everyone! This is to inform you that we are recruiting on all posts! So if you are interested please go to the Recruitment page! Our proofreader test is updated, so to the people who applied for the proofreader position with the proofreader test from last time please apply again using the newer version! (if […]

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Hello And Welcome!

This is my first post here. Thanks to the staff for making this. (The people who posted before this) And silverdust’s urging otherwise I might’ve procrastinated. Also it’s Silverleafscans first year anniversary! Can you believe it? We’ve been here for a year now!

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