Journey of Flower Ch.14

Happy new year!!! I hope everyone is having a fun start for 2019! To start off this year, we’ve decided to pick Journey of flower back up from dropped! The release will be slow as this series is difficult to clean but it will be consistent with at least 1 chapter every month (yes that’s […]

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Journey of Flower Ch.13

Hi Today we have a chapter of The Journey of Flower! XD and man what a horrifying chapter this is (in more ways than one, this series is pure redraw!) Now for some recruitment~ Due to lack of staff and applications we’ve decided to train people. The following posts are open for training Typesetters Quality […]

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Journey of Flower 11 & 12

Hi everyone Well I think I promised journey to past chapter but becasue of internet issue that chapter is not QCed Yet But non the less we have something else to enjoy 😀 For this chapter I want to especially thank our redrawer Lauriinjsh! T^T Thank you Laur for listening to my such short notice request even […]

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Journey of Flower Ch.10

Hi guys I know i promised this on new years but it got overdue ^^” Our last chapter for this series was like soooo long ago O.O Also we’ve closed recruitment for proofreaders so thanks to everyone who applied for it. It really means a lot to us that so many of you are willing […]

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Birthday Release 1

Hi everyone! this is my first post here (aham….discounting the previous random rants :D) today we have a big birthday release for everyone! this is just part one of the surprise so stay tuned to get more surprises in the coming days 😉 Now, what you all have been waiting for…… Fei xi yan xue […]

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