Birthday Release 2

Hello Everyone~ Here is our extremely delayed birthday release~ A lot happened in the past week while preparing for this birthday release, almost as if the universe didn’t want me to do it XD Well we’ll now being the officially delayed birthday release event!!! XD Yue Shi 07 Qing Wo Yi Sheng Yi Shi Lian 05 […]

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Fei Xi Yan Xue Ch.09

Hi everyone~ This is the second release of this weekend. As always this series is incredibly hard to translate and edit (seriously, too much redraw! @.@) Well i don’t have much to say for this so….. Enjoy 😀 Fei Xi Yan Xue Ch.09 P.S. the next chapters will be feng qi 33 and shen yi […]

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Fei Xi Yan Xue Ch.7

Hi everyone~ Here is a chapter of Fei Xi Yan Xue Seriously this series is so hard to do! >< and it’s a looooong way to go with this series! let’s hope we can make it 😀 , i’m working on 2 more chapters of this series so let’s hope we can release them soon […]

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Birthday Release 3

Hi everyone! Sorry that the 3rd release was delayed! To make-up for it, we will have 2 releases today XD Also, to those interested in the posts of proofreaders, a new test will be updated soon so please wait for it in order to apply! The translators post was previously closed but we reopened it, […]

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Birthday Release 2

Hello everyone once again!! Part 2 of the birthday release is here! (sorry i know it’s kinda delayed by a bit) In case anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. You can also join our discord SLSfan server and ask there directly. Now on to the release! Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations ch.48 […]

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