Silver Leaf Scan is looking for experienced people to help release the projects faster!

If you have free time but no experience then don’t worry! We can teach you 😉


Translators must be able to speak fluent Chinese AND English! Email if you’re interested!


You just need English as your daily spoken language. We don’t need textbook English, we need Dramatic English! XD

Download the test here


Urgently needed!! the requirements are simple, you just need:

>a photo editing software (PS or any other that you use and are comfortable with)

>and some free time!

training for this post is open

Note: If you have any previously cleaned pages you can send us those as well along with the test!

Download the test for cleaning here

Keep all files in .psd and layers separated. Email it to


Have basic knowledge of Photoshop text editing and a good eye for text placing. Aim for perfection is an advantage

Note: We can teach you the basics of typesetting, you just need Photoshop and free time! Just send us the test and we’ll take care of the rest 😀

Download the test for Typesetting here

Keep all files in .psd and layers separate. Email it to

Quality Checker:

You just need 3 things for this!

> A good daily spoken English skills (Must)

> some basic knowledge of editing

>some free time and motivation to learn

We can teach you the rest!

Note: Email us the series that you would want to work on and we’ll send you the quality checkers test for that series.

Download the test for Quality Checking here

Keep all files in .psd or docx. and email it to

Note: All members must use Discord! No work will be distributed otherwise

78 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Hi! Are you still looking for translators? I can’t seem to find the link on your post above to download the document for the test.

    1. Hey silver it’s me Alnouriya I can’t get in touch with discord bcoz I don’t have net sorry I will join soon tell gramps for me ok

  2. This is a bit weird ….when I downloaded the proofreader test the page was cut off I couldn’t make out what was written at first…but could u please er…correct it? Thanks a lot!

    1. The staff are free to choose which ch they want to work on
      But sometimes they might be required to work on other chapters as well

  3. For the cleaner do they HAVE to use photoshop? What if we have our own application that is able to do similar things to Photoshop?

    1. A PS is a must because a file cleaned in other software don’t open properly in PS (as that is the main software that we work with) and it can be difficult to make any adjustments or changes to it

    1. Old enough to to be able to use Photoshop (if you are applying for editor) and have a good set of vocabulary (if you are applying for proofreading) ^^

  4. I want to help you proofread (because its the only thing I’d be good at probably) but it says the post is closed?

    1. a tad late reply, but if you still havent figured it out and if you use a pc, simply go to file > then select (save as) and an option to save as psd should be there

    1. well if you pass we’ll say that you pass and if you need to correct something we’ll tell you what to correct ^^

      1. what post did you apply for? if it’s cleaning or typesetting then it might take a while as the head editor is the one in-charge of selecting those

      1. On the proof reader test the first half of the sentence was cut off and is still cut.

      2. It’s probbaly the margins that are messed up
        Try resetting the margins of your doc. File

  5. Is there any training? I can use photoshop but I don’t have any experience. So I don’t really know what I need to do

    1. Try taking the cleaning test
      U need to redraw all the chinese text on the pages only.
      If u send it over we’ll guide u on what to improve ^^

  6. Hello! I have a question
    i was wondering to apply for the typesetter. Is there any good apps to do it on. I am not sure,
    but i want to try and thanks.

    1. well different groups use different programs but we prefer to Photoshop, any version will do (though we mostly have Photoshop CS)
      the reason is that it makes quality checking easier later as most of use here have PS-CS

      1. Hi! Silver if its okay i have an program that can do the same as photoshop, but the file is called ppp. I tried the typesetter test it worked on it. I wasn’t sure if its okay ????

    1. Hello Xifan 😀
      well discord is a site and an app that allows you to group chat with different people around the world. It has servers that are dedicated to certain topics (our server is dedicated to us and the fans talking about random stuff and about the series) which you can join by registering your email and choosing a nickname and a password
      it’s pretty easy to use once you get use to it a bit 😀

  7. Are proofreader positions still open? Just wanted to drop by and thank your team for doing a great job translating “Shen Yi Di Nu”!

  8. Hi Silver Leaf! Huge respect for you guys to translate all those comics/mangas/manhwas! I admire you guys! (*´∀`)Just wondering if it’s not too late to do the test for the cleaners/re-drawers? (*^^)

  9. Hello again (” ^^;)I just have another question, for the cleaners/re-drawers test instructions, what does a Level Layer mean on number 5? I’m using Clip Studio Paint and I don’t see that option in my settings… (*^^;)

    1. I don’t know if clip has that option (sorry i’m a noob when it comes to digital art softwares)…. it’s basically for adjusting the color and tone of the image so if you have something similar to it in clip you can go ahead and apply that but keep it as a separate layer and label it as level

    1. That is the correct email but we typically reply within a week. Can u resend it? Maybe there was a problem on our end

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