Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.11

And another release! Yaye!!

I realize that it’s been a while since we last made a release from this series.

That’s mainly because our main cleaner for this series had to take a break due to PC breakdown. But thank fully we now have a new editor who helped us out with this chapter, Hoal. Welcome to the group Hoal, promise we won’t make you our slave and make you work to death ❤

Also, this is kind of off topic, Do you guys know that Mangadex added the Cover gallery feature to each manga? Well we thought why not take advantage of the fact and add a few covers ourselves 😉

I’ve added the covers for Journey to Past in it up to our current arc (except for 2 missing covers 7 and 17, I couldn’t find those even after an hour of looking) so do check them out and enjoy the art! We’ll update the covers as we go along with each arc 😉 (assuming we find good quality ones)

Now without further ado~

Tian Xing Yi Shi 11


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