Journey of Flower Ch.14

Happy new year!!! I hope everyone is having a fun start for 2019! To start off this year, we’ve decided to pick Journey of flower back up from dropped! The release will be slow as this series is difficult to clean but it will be consistent with at least 1 chapter every month (yes that’s […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 27 & 28

Hello~ After a long while we finally have Xuan Ji Ci! The reason for the delay of this series is because– We already caught up to the latest chapter when we released our last chapter– The series turned to strip comic after ch.26 so we were looking for other possible raws for it! I saw […]

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Feng Ni Tian Xia Ch.15

Surprise!! Another chapter of Feng ni tian xia! As to why the quick release, that you can say thanks to our head editor for doing away with the difficult redraw 😉 Also an announcement regarding this series,We are calling off the joint with Mew Scans for this. They haven’t responded to us for a while […]

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With a slowly dying Chrome…I hereby release these three chapters! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! ^_^ Got any cool gifts?? Any good food to share? If so, I’d be glad to take them. For free of course heehee… Anyways, winter break has been nice, a lot of extra studying…but also binge-watching anime! I miss this feeling T^T, […]

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Shen Yi Di Nv 28-29

Here is chapter 28-29 Things really take a very amusing turn in these chapters, as usual Yuheng really knows how to turn the tables XD Also a little advertisement, we will be holding training sessions for people who want to join and have free time but have no experience so if you are interested you […]

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Journey to Past 107-108

We finally move on to the next arc, The Renaissance arc, taking place in the sixteenth century in Italy. This arc is the smallest arc in journey I’ve seen so far with only 13 chapters (till ch.120) and also the only arc where no new male leads are introduced. As you know, we did the […]

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