Heart Beat Plan Ch.1&2

Hello everyone~ I know I said that the next release will be Journey to Past but this one got done first so i’m uploading it 😀 Since this is a joint project so please head over to Shojo-for-the-life to thank them and if you want to read this in french 😀 (this is the link to […]

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Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.10

Hello everyone~ Today we have a chapter of Tian Xing Yi Shi! This chapter was a fight scene chapter so the amount of work our redrawer did on it is just awesome! (hats off to you Laura) I guess that’s all I have to say for now XD P.S The next release will be a […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 24-26

Hello everyone~ It’s been a while since our last release! This time we have 3 chapters of Xuan Ji ci. The RAWS for these chapters were obtained with great difficulty by FMA The Gramps. The raws are super high quality and the images this time were HUGE!! LIKE 3000 Pixels huge! (our normal spread pages […]

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Birthday Release 3

Another batch of our birthday release!! Isn’t this exciting? (☆^☆) While I’ve been busy lately with school and stuff, I read all the chapters of Shen Yi I had missed earlier~and oh boy they sure are the perfect couple. Anyways, Happy Birhday to SLS again! Shen Yi Di Nv (23-26) Xuan Ji Ci (21-23) Feng […]

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