Birthday Release 2

Hello Everyone~ Here is our extremely delayed birthday release~ A lot happened in the past week while preparing for this birthday release, almost as if the universe didn’t want me to do it XD Well we’ll now being the officially delayed birthday release event!!! XD Yue Shi 07 Qing Wo Yi Sheng Yi Shi Lian 05 […]

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Lunar Eclipse

Hellow Everyone~ Welcome to the Lunar Eclipse Circus! Today is a rather special day~ It’s the longest Lunar eclipse of the century today!!!  It’s SLS’s 2nd anniversary!!🎉🎉 And what better way to start our birthday release with then Lunar Eclipse! No no, I’m not talking about the one up in the sky, I’m talking about […]

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Journey To Past Ch.65

And now time for some journey!!! XD We’ve been getting a lot of polite requests to do more releases of this series and believe me we’re trying our best to get to the end of this arc and start the Pharo arc. Just hang in there a little while longer guys! 😉😉 Now on to some […]

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Xuan Ji Ci 20.2

Hello everypne~ Here is the second half of Xuan Ji Ci Honestly there isn’t much going on in the second part for this chapter (other then the first prince’s wife getting her but kicked XD) I’m hopping to do a mass release for this series soon till ch.26 (the current chapter) so lets hope we […]

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Shen Yi Di Nü Ch.18-22

Hello everyone!! I’m back from my trip, followed by one week of staying sick and doing the things I left undone before leaving :3 (my guilty pleasure) Now on to the release! I really enjoyed quality checking these chapters 😍😍 I laughed so hard at some of these instances 😂 And we have some name changes starting […]

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Hello everyone This week I have a week long trip with my university. I was planning on making the release yesterday but due to some final touches and packing I couldn’t do it. 😢😭. And today I was running late for the departures so I was unable to upload the QCed chapters. Unfortunately I won’t […]

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