Journey of Flower Ch.13

Hi Today we have a chapter of The Journey of Flower! XD and man what a horrifying chapter this is (in more ways than one, this series is pure redraw!) Now for some recruitment~ Due to lack of staff and applications we’ve decided to train people. The following posts are open for training Typesetters Quality […]

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Feng Qi Cang Lan Ch.35

Another release everyone~ and this time we were quicker with this series! Now to those of you who’ve read the recent raws you’ll get a boiling urge to kill one of the characters you see in this chapter 😇🤬🔪🔫💣 and for those who don’t will have a peaceful reading till the current raws 😇😇😇😇 Now i really […]

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Tian Xing Yi Shi Ch.9

Yaye!!! Here it is the first release of Tian Xing Yi Shi!! The translations for up to chapter 18 are provided by HEOBOS so this chapter will be considered a joint with HEOBOS! Thanks to our Cleaner/Redrawer Lauriinjsh we were able to get such a nicely redrawn chapter! It is a difficult project but non the less […]

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Comments and Such

I was just on Discord today, chatting with my friends and listening to music, when Silverdust told me about the comments… I was so sad ;-; to hear that some fans were on our posts, talking about how Timeless Leaf was miles ahead… But in all seriousness, we are well aware of this ^-^;;. Our […]

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Journey to Past ch.63 & 64

Hello everyone~ I was originally planning on doing only 1 chapter for this but due to my internet issue I got time to do 2 ch.~ Yaye!! 😆😆🎉🎉 Anyway here is the long awaited chapter of journey hope you guys enjoy it~ P.S there will me more releases this weekend, I’ll just post them as I […]

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We have some important news to share with you guys~ We’ll be doing a collaboration with Mew Scan on Feng Ni Tian Xia. They will be editing the series while we provide the translations for it~ so please head over to their site and support them. We will be doing one more collaboration with another scan, […]

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Shen Yi Di Nv Ch.16 & 17

Hello everyone~ here is the delayed release of shen yi di nv These were my favorite chapters to QC thus far 😍😍 Also I noticed that the purple lotus mark on the 9th prince has been there since he was a child so i asked our translator and she said that it was a birth mark. […]

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