Journey to Past Ch.62

Hi guys, I’ll keep it short, I had like 2 weddings to attend this week so i wasn’t able to do much but nonetheless I was able to do at least this one chapter! The next chapter will be ch.63 of journey Now on to the release~ Journey to Past Ch.62 Advertisements

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Shen Yi Di Nu Ch.11

Ok I was able to do this chapter (though it’s way past midnight here) Also on a side note, we have like 30 ch. of different series that needs QCing so I’ll be doing them one by one, or someone could be my savior and help me do them by applying 😀 The next series […]

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Shen Yi Di Nv Ch.9 & 10

Hi guys~ Here are the other chapters of shen yi ^^ I might release ch.11 as well if I’m able to finish QCing it before midnight but for now I went ahead with these 2 chapters 😀 Also on a side note, I’m thinking of making releases only on the weekends My schedule is tight […]

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Shen yi di Nv Ch.7 & 8

Hi everyone~ This time we will be releasing shen yi ch.7 & 8 We have more chapters of this series waiting for some final touches so hopefully there will be more chapters in the coming few days~ for now enjoy these short chapters Shen Yi ch.7 Shen Yi ch.8

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About Timeless Leaf scan…

Edit: This post is in regards to Timeless leaf scan and is in no way related to Timeless Scans (I’m sorry for the misunderstanding ^^”) I didn’t want to say anything on this topic yet before I received an answer from Timeless leaf scan but apparently there is a crossfire between the fans of Timeless […]

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Feng Ni Tian Xia Ch.8

Yep, you saw it right! After sooooooooooooooooo long, the long awaited chapter of this series is here XD I hope that you enjoy it~ P.S. to all those who applied for QC i’m sorry I had my hands full with this chapter, I’ll try to do that next! Now on to the release~ Feng Ni […]

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Feng Qi Cang Lan Ch.32

As promised, here is the next chapter of feng qi cang lan! Well it’s a little earlier than promised at my end 😉 Well and as usual i’d like to advertise for the position of Quality checkers 😀 So do consider applying, or take the test just to test your skills 😉 Now on to […]

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