Journey To Past Ch.57

Hi everyone~ This chapter took me so long to upload it! =_= (it was a pain, it failed so many times) Anyway, the lesson i learned in this chapter is…… LONG LIVE THE FOOD! Seriously, NOTHING BEATS FOOD! On to the release~ Journey To Past ch.57 Oh right before i go there are 2 more […]

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Proofreader Recruitment

If you’r a bookworm locked up in a library tower of vocabulary and punctuation and are rumored as the Blue rose of the library and have nothing better to do then help us out~ 😉 Lol ok the joke aside, we really need some proofreaders, but there are 2 qualifications! You need to meet at […]

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Fei Xi Yan Xue Ch.7

Hi everyone~ Here is a chapter of Fei Xi Yan Xue Seriously this series is so hard to do! >< and it’s a looooong way to go with this series! let’s hope we can make it 😀 , i’m working on 2 more chapters of this series so let’s hope we can release them soon […]

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