Feng Qi Cang Lan 39+40

Another release today! How is everyone doing? Things have been slow lately…I feel so unproductive =_=;;. But that’s okay, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Stress will always disappear, we just have to wait until the ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds to show the silver lining. In these two […]

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Hello everyone~ I’ll keep it short and simple (ok not really but please bare with it) I’m leaving SLS. In the coming year I won’t have time for scanlation. Right now I’m too focused on SLS to the point of ignoring most of the things around me like my studies and sleep and it’s getting […]

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Journey to Past Ch.68-75

Hello Everyone~ Here is the much awaited release of Journey to Past. With this we’ve finished the Vampire Arc of Journey to Past. The Next Arc will be the Pharaoh Arc and some announcement about Journey to Past fans so stay Tuned 😉 For now enjoy this binge reading session of Journey to Past 😀 Journey […]

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